• Stunning Widescreen Gaming Monitor

    1. 35" WQHD (3440X1440) Resolution, 100Hz, OD 2MS 2. Height-adjsutable Monitor Stand 3. Freesync, OD, Low Blue Ray 4. Optional HDR and Louderspeaker 5. PIP and PBP Features 5. Wall Mountable
    Stunning Widescreen Gaming Monitor
  • Elevate your visual experience

    The clarity and details with 4k Ultra HD resolution will amaze, even up close, With over 99%Srgb spectrum this ICB monitor is a great solution for professional photographers, graphic designer or anyone looking for high accurate color
    Elevate your visual experience
  • New Adjustable Curved Display

    Curved display/monitor, multi vantage points for better viewing and healthy care of your eyes and body!
    New Adjustable Curved Display
  • 27inch Flat Ultra-clear 4K UHD Monitor

    1. UHD Resolution , 60 hz refresh rate 2. Multi-rotable monitor stand 3. Customized Color Match 4. See more at one time
    27inch Flat Ultra-clear 4K UHD Monitor

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